Monday, January 29, 2018

Robinson Tract Stoufville Ontario Canada

Address 14989 Warden Ave, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5.
The York Regional Forest is open to the public 365 days per year with no cost to enter. The York Regional Forest is made up of 2,300 hectares of protected land, located in different parts of the Region. Eighteen properties with more than 120 kilometres of trail are available to the public.

In the nineteenth century the Whitchurch landscape was subjected to heavy timbering to clear the land for cultivation. Large volumes of Ontario’s softwood forest was shipped to Britain and the United States as square timber. Hardwoods were typically burned in piles to make potash. With the forest cleared, farming could commence. Most farming activity was supported only for a few decades, the land had given out by the 1890s. Large areas of wasteland were created in the light sandy soils of Whitchurch Township and elsewhere in southern Ontario. The mistake: to farm the Oak Ridges Moraine.

York  County  purchased  the  first  property  for reforestation in 1922 from Ted Hollidge. It was 197 acres and cost a little more than $4,000. Trees were planted in 1924. Part of the deal was that Ted himself be the first caretaker for the emerging Vivian Forest. An additional 400 acres were purchased in 1924.  By 1930, 710 acres of land had been reforested; by 1938, an additional 1,166 acres. A little more than 60 years after the first purchase, the public forests across York Region (York County became York Region in 1971) totaled 4,900 acres.

 The Oak Ridges Trail (also referred to as the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail) is a continuous footpath of over 220 kilometers across the Oak Ridges Moraine; additionally there are local side trails. The trail extends from Albion Hills in the west to the Northumberland Forest in the east. 14% or 49 km of the ORT’s total 349 km (including side trails) is in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville.
I visited the Robinson Tract in Stouffville Ontario. 43 Ha of land.
The trees are so often cut every 10 years according to the official sources but my belief is that is much more often.

Who is using the money for this wood?
Why are the forests cut? Because there is no owner that care the forests are not conserved. Disease are attacking the trees. There was nobody in the forest. And the trees are not protected by anybody.
Government employees are not protecting these forest. The forests are only profit making machines. Why are the forests not given in custody of people that could use them as permaculture and plant and use the land and care for the land.

97% of the land in Canada is Queens land or government land. Why is not given to families to care for it.with the only condition to keep all the trees and plant more. Promote the permaculture.Food forests on this land.

There is so much land in this country that every family could have for free and free of taxes 2 ha of land.

Why the government create scarcity where it could be abundance.
Why the native Americans that are connected with the land are kept in reservations ? They are not animals. They are connected with the land in a way the immigrants will never be.

It is time for a change.

Trees in Canada are industrially cut.
This year the government had an initiative to bring more people to see the provincial parks but the provincial parks are logged as there is no tomorrow, but at one km away of the few tourists tracts. And the government agencies are not even ashamed of the fact that they are logging in the provincial parks.

Stop logging for good and forever. Somebody should talk for those that cannot talk for themselves. These forest protect and sustain the animals in the forests, The entire ecosystem suffer when some Japanese companies or construction companies are logging.

Check the images see how thin are the trees. How can a forest survive if you cut it every few years.
Trees are sentient being.They learn from each other. When we cut the trees we erase the history of the land.

This trees was not sick.

Some mushrooms are used by insects and bees as antibiotics. when all fallen trees are removed from the forest the bees have nowhere to find natural treatments. This is an additional cause of large bee decline in addition to use of pesticides that kills them.

The local government is very proud that the forest brings profit. I prefer to see these trees alive in the forest.


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