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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Reforest Egypt

There is a simple way to stop the spread of deserts into fertile land: planting forests. 
What should be done to reforest Egypt?

1. Land Ownership.  Government owned land, should be given to those that plant the trees and care for them for 5 years. Minimum 1 ha per person of every person that is over 18 years old keeping the land together for families, free of charge. More land could be provided on demand after 5 years of proven positive result. in the beginning the land would be in close proximity of the fertile areas

2. Permaculture principle implemented to large scale- Free education using, schools, mass media of permaculture 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Plantation of food forests that can be used as a source of food water shade and soil building.

3.Trees should be provided initially by the government but cuttings from existing trees or planting trees from seeds should be encouraged in private households. 

4. Water collection from air canals, rain would be stored.

5. Old underground water storage techniques will be used.

6. People that plant forests would be exempted of taxes.

7. People would be allowed to build houses on their land to be close to the trees they planted.

8. Only people that want to participate would be given the opportunity to own the land and plant forest the process should not be mandatory.

9. Legumes and fruits trees and animals could and would be on each land.

10.  Small ponds with fish could and would be on each parcels.

At the present moment there are around 90,000,000 people in Egypt. so at least 90,000,000 ha of land can pe reforested in the next 5 years. and so on.