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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Romanian Folk Remedies - Onion Vapors Cure the Flu

By Liliana Usvat
Blog 177-365

Romanians got their Folk remedies from their ancestors Dacians a 9000 years old culture.

Two tablespoons of chopped onion place in 50 ml of warm water , add half a teaspoon of honey , leave to infuse for 30 minutes.   For stuffy nose and dripping nose use  three to five drops of the infusion.
 Eight to ten onions chopped boiled in a liter of hot milk until tender, then add a cup of honey. For angina take a spoonful of this decoction every hour throughout the day.  Gargle with a mixture of water, onion juice and table salt . 
For cough peel two medium sized onions , add a quarter cup of sugar, three to four cups of water and boil until you get a thick syrup . Take a tablespoon cite every three hours .  
For angina and abscesses use steam inhalations mix. The duration of treatment is 30-40 days, and after a month of rest , repeat therapy .  
Inhaling onion steam also cure the sniffles . As a means of inhalation, porridge of chopped onion or onion leaves freshly prepared is only active for 10 - l5 minutes (afterwards bactericidal action stop in contact with air).  
For flu in people are using so-called onion pads : give a quick grated onion, onion then packed in a piece of gauze and put 15 minutes into his nostrils in the morning, noon and night .
 Fresh onions are placed on wounds , burns , if the pus .  
The juice of onion and garlic ( in proportion 1:3 ) is used for inhalations if respiratory diseases : bronchitis , laryngitis , tracheitis . For inhalation it takes 2 ml of solution . 
For hemorrhoids bake an onion , peel , cut into small pieces , put into a cheesecloth and apply on the painful place (but). 
 For impotence may be used both fresh onions , as well as in the form of injection : Two or three chopped onions are placed in 400 ml of water, drinking 100 ml of the infusion  three times a day .