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Thursday, January 11, 2018

In Canada the Government Companies that are Suppose to Protect the Forest are the one Logging and Destroying it

In York Region Ontario Canada there is a department that is suppose to protect the forests around GTA  Greater Toronto Area.

In the past logging industry cut everything in York Region so at the beginning of this century the rivers almost dissipated. Holland River was one a navigable river and is now after almost 100 years of "restoration" a very small river with a small debit.

At the beginning of the century barge canal was proposed and began to be installed on Holland River in Newmarket area because the river was navigable. Until those barge canal able to transport 20 tons of material as per technical specifications were built the river was left without water from the logging industry. A government felt because of this canal; money were spent to built it but it was never finished. Would we ever learn from the past?

At the beginning of the century because of the English rule to use conquered territories as source of wood metals and anything they can take from this land a massive deforestation took place in the area of today York Region. Wind storm started to appear because of the deforestation. After the massive destruction of the environment the tax payer dollars were used to buy back the bared land from the people that were destroying it.
 This is Holland River Now. It does not support a barge of 80 tons for transportation. That is what deforestation does to the land.
 The land was bought by town of Aurora that at least leave some shrubs on the river banks to protect the drinking water of Aurora.

 Cutting old trees is still going on in the name of forest management.

 This is a 400 years old tree taller that a 4 store building that was left from the majestic forest found on this land prior to occupation.

For a short period of time a reforestation process started. Now we are in a period of destruction again.
The government praise itself that he uses the protected forests to make a profit from logging. After 40 years they are proud that they make money from logging. Those trees were planted not for logging but for restoring the land destroyed by loggers in the past.
 All trees older that 10 years old are cut
 Lock how young is the forest. It is not OK. A forest needs old trees to learn how to protect against cold and fungus and beetles.

Most of the forest is in the ownership of the government that is using the wood to make paper and send flyers that are thrown right away in the garbage.

York Regional Forest