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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The planified destruction of the Romanian Environment and Forest by Schweighofer Group

The group has 5 locations across Romania.
They have a detailed description of Romanian Forests and the declared intention to cut the Romanian Forests while preserving those in their country.
Here are links to the exact areas they plan to erase

They keep record of every forest in Romania.
Using the company Cascade Empire SRL they purchased forests of Romana which they log as there is no tomorrow.

They own forests in Vilcea  which they got using illegal acts. Actively purchasing forested land that they are destroying with high diligence like is their own country buying politicians using the destruction of structures in former communist country for one of the largest theft in human history.

This foreign company registered as a small SRL

while the intentions are as bad as they can be. The weather in Romania is affected by the malefic effect of this company on the Romanian soil.

Here is the detail record of the forests they own or plan to erase from Romania. The arrogance of this company is incredible.