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Monday, March 19, 2018

​Whitchurch Conservation Area Managed by Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Location: Approximately 10 kilometres east of the Town of Aurora. Access and parking is on the south side of Aurora Road (Regional Road 15), between Warden Avenue and Kennedy Road.

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority purchases and restores significant natural areas within the Lake Simcoe watershed. They currently own or manage 24 properties. These forest, shoreline and wetland habitats are critically important for preserving and restoring the ecological health of our watershed as well as providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and the enjoyment and appreciation of nature.

In addition to the areas available for the public, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority also protects another 420 hectares of land specifically as nature preserves in various locations around the watershed. These other properties are largely inaccessible, and have no visitor use facilities. 

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) has been dedicated to conserving, restoring and managing the Lake Simcoe watershed since 1951.

Life of a forest is very fragile we need to protect it.

A study of runoff showed deforestation increase the amount of water from rainfall that passe directly into streams. As a result, dry season flow was reduced in a deforested catchment relative to a forested one.

 My observations about this area.

In close proximity of the house large logging cuts are taking place.

Since the land is nobody's land under the slogan of rejuvenaiton the trees are cut. This forest almost lost the ability to protect herself from disease as result there are a lot of disease that affect the trees.

This conservation needs more wild life to be introduced. The old trees should be kept in the forest alive. They teach the young trees how to protect themselves from cold and diseases.

While logging in these conservation areas the wild life that existed here have dissapeared. A forest should have larger animals that squarels.

It is still beautiful to listen to birds and see chipmanks and squarells. But we disrupted the ecosystem during large campaigns of logging of these lands. Wild animals are part of the ecosystem that was disrupted, We need to reintroduce wild animals and more diversity of trees in this forest native to this areas. 

The trees are too young.

The government institutions should protect the trees not logg for profit. The majority of trees are young. too young. A lot of logging took place since this land entered into the government possession.

Educaiton should have included protection of the environment and to change the attitude that we humans need only to use the nature not to care and nurture it. This means logging in the conservaiton areas should be against the law. 

See the pictures for yourself of the large tree cutting that take place on 10 ha of conservation areas.
More people should visit these lands so public opinion would, in the end would influence the tree cuttings.

Some of the trees are diseased and they fell on the trails of the forest those can be cut but this is the result of loosing old trees that can train the young one how to protect themselves from disease.

In an attempt to