Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mayan Trees Café forastero Tree Remedy for Pleuresy and Convulsions

By Liliana Usvat    
Blog 337-365 

Café forastero Tree (English/Spanish), Siip' Che' or Sip-che' (Maya), Bunchosia swartziana Griseb (white-bark) and Bunchosia glandulosa (dark-bark), Malpighiaceae Family. Native to Yucatan, Mexico, the Sip-che' or Café forastero is an evergreen tree (shrub) that grows to be 2 meters tall; 

pale yellow flowers bloom in small clusters, 
petit red round fruits, 
leafs are similar to a fig family tree,  
elliptic leaf shaped. 

Young Siip' che' branches are used by J-Men or Mayan Healers in most holistic cleansing rituals or "Limpias" to purify the aura of a person, spell evil winds or envies; J-Men and Mayan healers dip small bundles of leafs in holy water to sprinkle over a person to spell evil energies, then hits the wet branches over a person's ankles nine times to untied its energy to the underground forces. 

The two Sip-Che shrubs branches are essentially used in Mayan sacred ceremonies and Mayan holistic healings.

Medicinal Uses

Leaves are remedy for pleurisy convulsions They are apply directly on the patient and then a bundle of leaves is dipped in water and sprinkled on patient