Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hoia-Baciu Forest

By Liliana Usvat
Blog 313 - 365

Hoia-Baciu forest is an over 250 hectare patch of woods situated west of the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The area is known for recreation sports along with biking trails, but its true reputation is much darker. The forest is believed to be haunted and very alive with paranormal activity. It has been dubbed as the most haunted forest in the world and even refereed as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. The forest was named after a shepherd who disappeared with hundreds of sheep in the area. 

The Hoia-Baciu Forest is located on the western side of the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca by the open air section of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania. The open air section covers an area of about one square mile (three square kilometers) and borders the forest . The forest is a popular destination for the residents of Cluj-Napoca to enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, paintball competitions and archery. It is also noted for the paranormal activity that is reported to occur within the forest. 

There is a clearing called Poiana Rotunda (Round Meadow) in the Hoia-Baciu Forest that is the center of most reports concerning paranormal phenomena. The phenomena includes unexplained orbs of light, apparitions, hearing female voices, giggling and poltergeist activity. Not much vegetation grows in Poiana Rotunda though its soil has been tested and nothing unusual has been found. 

The variety and intensity of unexplained phenomena to be found at Hoia-Baciu Forest has perhaps not surprisingly spurred on various theories to try and explain what is going on here, running the gamut from the plausible to the absurd. One theory is that the forest holds a gateway or portal to another dimension, or brushes up against some thin spot between our world and another. It is postulated that this could explain the various entities and orbs frequently spotted in the forest, as well as the missing people and even those who have experienced lost time or seemingly teleported from one area to another. 

The bizarreness of Hoia-Baciu Forest goes even further yet. One of the most unusual features of the landscape here, other than the strangely crooked, twisted trees and mysterious char marks on their trunks, is the presence of a circular area around 300 meters wide which is completely devoid of vegetation and which demonstrates high levels of electromagnetic activity and other anomalous readings. Investigations into this mysterious dead zone within the forest have turned up no rational reason for why no vegetation will grow there. Soil samples have shown there to be nothing out of the ordinary and indeed nothing to distinguish it from the soil surrounding the barren circle.

 So far it is a complete mystery as to why nothing will grow here. Electronics brought into the dead circle also often go haywire or stop working entirely due to the potent electromagnetic fields permeating it. In addition to these unusually strong electromagnetic disturbances, there are also magnetic anomalies, and other measurements have shown the circle to exhibit abnormal microwave, infrared and radioactive readings.

 Another, more far out idea is that the forest was the real center of the lost Atlantean civilization, and that these mysterious, ancient inhabitants created various teleportation portals with which to travel anywhere in the world and indeed the universe.

One of the more grounded ideas proposed for at least some of the weird goings on here is that perhaps the forest is a source of some sort of ultra-low frequency sound waves, which are basically sounds that are inaudible to the human ear yet can create some profound physical effects from their vibrations nonetheless. These sound waves have been known to create deep feelings of unease and disorientation in people who experience them, which are similar to the sensations reported within Hoia-Baciu Forest. 

Ultra low frequency sound waves could also potentially be the root cause of the physical discomfort associated with the forest, such as headaches, nose bleeds, and nausea, and such sound waves can also possibly produce profound audio and visual hallucinations. Ultra-low frequency infrasound is actually produced in nature all of the time, most notably in relation to natural phenomena such as thunder, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes. Is there some source of such sound disturbances emanating from Hoia-Baciu Forest?