Thursday, April 14, 2022

Geoengineering and the Forests

We need to stop the chemtrails and geoengineering activities on this planet. 

Start reforestation activities using the systems in place the organisations that are focused o  destruction of life to be focused on regeneration of life .

Permaculture principles should be implemented in large scale in the globe.

Land should be divided and given in stewardship to thise that can and want to reforestation the land and care for the plots reforested.

Tv internet television should have shows daily based on regeneratuon of the earth of the soil if the atmosphere via reforestation permaculture planning fruit trees .

All chemtrails should stop immediately. 
All sound weapons and microwave the atmosphere should cease immediately. 

All nuclear testing and biological weapon laboratory should cease to exist.

We need of beauty peace regreening the deserts.

Oil exploration should be transformed into alternative energies research and development. 

Oil should be let in the ground is the blood of the earth.

Harp type of enterpruses shod stop to exist. I am aware if at least 17 such facilities.

The existence of geoengineering in Canada and USA are proves by the official documents 

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Geoengineering a Treat to the Forests

This is very serious. 
How can we stop these people to spray us with toxic materials?
What can we do to stop the destruction of the forests and lige on this earth?
How can we get to the decision makers to stop it?
If anyone has any ideea please do something!!! 

This is really really important. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

The Environmental Agencies

 Environmental agencies and the departments of forestry are funded by the very same people destroying the environment and deforesting the land. Now the masses have been socially engineered to give them billions, carbon credits etc. without even knowing where the money is going. They think it is going to combat global warming, “A myth” and save the polar bears research is proving are rapidly growing in numbers. Climate change is real according to the raw data global warming is a myth. Been out in nature lately? Ever wonder why your weather has been 10 to 13 degrees off in favor of global warming? It is called the adjusted data. 

Whenever you see a person on mainstream and now social media shaking their fist at the government and major corporations, chances are if they are getting all the press and not censored they are a planned opposition. It has all been a controlled narrative for years. Even Gretta figured that one out. There will always be those for the right amount of money that will sell their souls, throw their friends and families under the bus along with the well-being of the planet

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Snowberry Symphoricarpos Albus

Use by People:  Snowberries are high in saponins, which are poorly absorbed by the body.  Although they are largely considered poisonous, (given names like ‘corpse berry’ or ‘snake’s berry’), some tribes ate them fresh or dried them for later consumption.  The berries were used as a shampoo to clean hair.  Crushed berries were also rubbed on the skin to treat burns, warts, rashes and sores; and rubbed in armpits as an antiperspirant.  Various parts were infused and used as an eyewash for sore eyes.  A tea made from the roots was used for stomach disorders; a tea made from the twigs was used for fevers.  Branches were tied together to make brooms.  Bird arrows were also made from the stems.

Use by Wildlife: Saponins are much more toxic to some animals, such as fish; hunting tribes sometimes put large quantities of snowberries in streams or lakes to stupefy or kill fish. “The Green River tribe say that when these berries are plentiful, there will be many dog salmon, for the white berry is the eye of the dog salmon.” Common snowberry is an important browse for deer, antelope, and Bighorn Sheep; use by elk and moose varies.  The berries are an important food for grouse, grosbeaks, robins and thrushes.  Bears also eat the fruit.  The shrub provides good cover and nesting sites for gamebirds, rabbits, and other small animals.  Pocket gophers burrow underneath it. The pink flowers attract hummingbirds, but are mostly pollinated by bees.  The leaves are eaten by the Sphinx Moth larvae.

Growth: This species usually grows 3-9 feet (1-2m) tall.

Names: Symphori- means “bear together;” –carpos means fruits– referring to the clustered fruits.  Albus meaning white, and the common name, Snowberry also refers to the white fruits.  This species is sometimes known as Waxberry, White Coralberry, or White, Thin-leaved, or Few-flowered Snowberry.

Snowberry or ghost berry. Don’t eat but can be used on rashes.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Nuclear Tests and the Forests

US security officials ‘considered return to nuclear testing’ after 28-year hiatus

In case of nuclear tests resumed by major nations there is a danger that the human race will be exterminated due to accumulation of Carbon 14 in the air.which will make it more combustible, until the atmosphere will become ignited and burn.

The molecules of air will be mutated by solar and atomic radiation. The vitality globular are being eaten by radiation, the neutron attaching the carbon staff of life making the molecule vulnerable to ignition and so causing the air to catch fire.

The electronic particles in the air are rapidly depleted by radioactive fallout making them to spontaneously catching fire.

The government of the United States is aware of this scientific fact and was doing "research " regarding the subject. Tests were done for research for "forests preservaion " in 1960.

Animal life breathes oxigen and give off carbin dioxide. Plant life inhales carbon dioxide and replaces it with the magnetic vitality necessary for to exist, giving off oxygen.

Both plants and animal world cannot exist without the other.

Now without this vital energy in the air which the ancients called "vitality glibules" ( and which science niw calls free electrons) the air we breathe does not give us the proper amount of regenerated magnetism, which come from plant life and especially from trees.
Threes old trees especially produce great amount of regenerated globukes necessary to animal life.

When does not receive the proper quantity of vitality globular it cannot return to plant life the necessary carbon dioxide.

Radioactive fallout is known to cause atmospheric nitrogen to be replaced by Carbon 14 which is accumulating in the air at abnormally high amounts.

With the vitality globular in the molecules of aur being replaced by Carbon 14 this increase the probability for neutrons to attack the Carbon and the result is radioactive fire.

This will happen to the air particles as fallout increases.

This will ignite from the bombardment of the neutrons as happens to the uranium pile in the cyclotron when the neutrons are left to attack it.

And this explains all the fireballs which are plaguing the world.

If the flood if fire comes this fire will eventually release the polar ice caps at both north and south poles with will deluge the world with superabundance of water.

The meeting of the ice will give the world a new supply of purified oxygen and the water will wash the soil clean of all radioactive impurities that have been settled in as a result of fallout.

The release of the polar ice caps will cause the earth to shift on its axis at k
least 90 degrees.

The fires are with us today and are an everyday threat of our survival.

From the book Atomic age angels flying saucers the hollow earth, the king of the world and the anti nuclear philosophy of Valiant Thor by Dr. Raymond Bernard

Here is an extract of an article I  Washington Post

US security officials ‘considered return to nuclear testing’ after 28-year hiatus

Discussion held this month as way to press Russia and China into agreeing arms control deal, officials say

Julian Borger in Washington
Sat 23 May 2020 

US officials have debated whether to carry out the first US nuclear tests in 28 years as a way to pressure Russia and China into make a trilateral arms control deal, according congressional aides and former officials.

They said the discussion took place at a “deputies meeting” of senior national security officials at the White House on 15 May, but that the proposal was shelved for the time being.

“There are still some professionals in the room who told them this is a terrible idea, thank God,” a congressional aide said.

The discussion was first reported on Friday night by the Washington Post, which cited a senior administration official as saying that a demonstration to Moscow and Beijing that the United States could carry out a “rapid test” could be a useful bargaining counter in the achieving the administration’s priority on arms control – a trilateral deal with Russia and China.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Explanation for Sudden Collapse of the Mayan Empire

The empire took thousands of years to build and just 100 years to collapse

During their 3,000-year dominance over Mesoamerica, the Mayans built elaborate architectural structures and developed a sophisticated, technologically progressive society. But immediately after reaching the peak of its powers over the entire Yucatan Peninsula, the Mayan Empire collapsed, falling apart in just 150 years. The reasons for its sudden demise remain a mystery, but in a 2018 Science study, scientists found clues buried deep in the mud of Lake Chichancanab. 

Deforestation, overpopulation, and extreme drought have all been proposed as the reason for the empire’s collapse. The most probable of those, is drought. The evidence  in the muddy sediments underlying Lake Chichancanab, which was once a part of the empire, underscore the devastating power of a drought on a population. 

The sediment cores that the scientists dug up from the depths of the lake are like a time machine, giving a glimpse of what past environments look like. In the study, the team specifically looked at precipitated gypsum, a soft mineral that incorporates oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of water molecules into its crystalline structure. 

Looking at it was like peering into fossil water, and in this case, it showed that the area surrounding the lake had gone through extremely arid periods. During periods of drought, larger amounts of water evaporate, and so a higher proportion of lighter isotopes in gypsum indicates a period of drought. 

The team determined that between the years 800 and 1,000, annual rainfall in the Maya lowlands decreased by nearly 50 percent on average and up to 70 percent during peak drought conditions. This means the rainfall in this region essentially stopped about the same time that the empire’s city-states were abandoned. 

Those that do not learn form the past risk repeating it.


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Predictions of the Future of the Air and the Trees

After 2025 new forms of air scrubbers will be designed to remove toxins, carbon dioxide and other elements that are building upon the atmosphere of our homes.

By then allergies will be so severe in children that will be considered epidemics. By 2040 the disposal.of the air scrubbers will be a problem almost equalling  nuclear waste.

A.major effort of greening the planet will begin in 2015 ( the  book was written in 1986 ) . Initially will have very little effect but eventually by 2080-2090 it will.have caught.

The greening effort will begin in China with a single.week of planting trees.thus event will be the largest if its kind in human history.  Over one week Chinese people will plant over 12 billion small sampling of what will be called trees of life.

The effort will be followed  y Russia, South East Asia, South America  north America India Africa and Middle East. In two year period the human race will replace all the trees.cut over a.two.hundred year period. More.than half will be property care for and survive.

Aerosols considered harmful to air quality will  e eliminated from products from now and 2060.

A way of using an electromagnetic-magnetic the air will be discovered by 2022. It will. E formally tested on the upper atmosphere by the year 2051. This methodology will  e harmful to migratory birds.

from the book The Ultimate Time Machine by Joseph McMoneagle

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Environmental Disaster produced By Chevron Texaco Corp

On May 7, 2003 a group of Americal Lawyers representing more that thirty thousand indigenous Ecuadorian people filled a $1 billion lawsuit against Chevron Texaco Corp. The suit asserts that between 1971- 1992 the oil gigant dumped into open holes and rivers over four million gallons per day of toxic wastewater contaminated with oil, heavy metals, and carcinogens and that the company left behind nearly 350 uncovered waste pits that continue to kill both people and animals.

In 1968 Texaco had only just discovered petroleum in Ecuadorian Amazon Region. Today oild accounts fro nearly half of the country's exports. A trans Andean pipeline built shortly after has since leaked over half million barrels of oil into the fragile rain forest more that twice the amount spilled by the Exxon Valdez.  Today the new $1.3 billion three hundred mile pipeline constructed by an EHM (Economic Hit Man) organized consortium promisses to make Ecuador one of the world's top ten oil suppliers of the United States.

The system of the environmental destruction is fuelled by something far more dangerous than conspiracy. It is driven not by a small band of men but by a concept that become accepted as gospel the idea that all economic growth benefits humankind and that the greater the growth the more widespread the benefits.
The concept is of course erroneous. We know that in many countries economic grow benefits only a small portion of population and may in fact result in increasingly desperate circumstances for the majority.

The corporatocracy is not a conspiracy but its members do endorse common values and goals. One of corporatocracy's most important functions is to perpetuate and continually expand and strengthen the system.
How is done?

EHM ( Economic Hit Mans) provide favors. These take the form of loans to develop infrastructure, electric generating plants, highways, ports airports or industrial parks. A condition of such loans is that engineering and construction companies from United States myst build these projects, In essence most money never leave United States. It is simple transferred from banking offices in Washington to engineering offices in New York Huston or San Francisco.

Despite the fact that the money is returned almost immediately to corporations that are members of corporatocracy the creditor, the recipient country is required to pay it all back principal and interest.

If EHM ( Economic Hit Man) is successful, the loan is so large that the debtor is forced to default.on its payments after few years. When this happen then EHM demand control over the United Nations votes, the installation of military bases or and access to precious resources such as oil, or the Panama Canal, or the forest resources in case of Romania. Of course the debtor still owes the moeny and another country is added to the global empire.

This is extras from  the book ' Confessions of and Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins
This guy was such an Economic Hit Man.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Permaculture Energy Conserving Rules

Friday, June 28, 2019

Forests and Trees- Book for Sale

"Forests and Trees
Forests and Medicinal Trees Series Book 1 " By Liliana Usvat
ISBN 978-0-9812141-5-3
E-Book $12 CAD
ISBN 978-0-9812141-4-6
Print Book $27 CAD + S&H
Publisher Usvat Corporation

This is the first volume from the Forests and Medicinal Trees Series.
In this book Liliana discuses topics on
Forests Statistics
Forests in Ancient Egypt
Energy and the Forests
Kirilian Photography, Trees Perception of Human Intention, Bio communication and Aura
Forests and Peoples
Forests and Human Consciousness
Forests in Philosophy and History
Forests in Buddhism Tradition 

Can be purchased at
Banrs and Noble

Permaculture the Way of the Future

Permaculture: You’ve Heard of It, But What the Heck Is It?

According to an article of BRIAN BARTH, 2016 Bill Mollison, the Tasmanian son of a fisherman who first coined the term 1978, defined “permaculture” as:

“The conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of the landscape with people providing their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.”

Is permaculture a gardening technique or a special approach to farming, like biodynamics? Is it some type of back-to-the-land, off-the-grid intentional community? Is it about sustainable architecture, aquaponics, philosophy, horticulture, design? Permaculture is all that and then some, which is why it’s so hard for anyone to capture what it means in one neat sentence.

In other words, permaculture is a holistic, living-in-harmony-with-nature worldview, as well as technical approach for how to do so.

Mollison eventually became a professor of biogeography and environmental psychology at the University of Tasmania, where he met David Holmgren, a graduate student at the time, who helped him develop the principles and practices that are now taught around the world in the standard Permaculture Design Course, typically a two-week immersive experience held on a farm or property that has been developed with a permaculture approach. The word permaculture is intended as a contraction of permanent and agriculture, which, as Holmgren notes, has been expanded to include culture in addition to just agriculture. The root word “permanent” is intended as a reference to sustainability – an unsustainable society would, by definition, eventually cease to exist; it would be impermanent. Practitioners are known as “permaculturists” or “permies.”

Mollison wrote a number of books over the years, including the hefty Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, which is the bible for the movement. He also starred in Global Gardener, a docu-series made for Australian public television in the early nineties, which is now a cult classic available free online.
The proof of permaculture’s influence in the mainstream is everywhere.

None of that has stopped permaculture from being highly influential in the discourse of sustainable agriculture and green lifestyles. Though permaculture has largely been an underground social movement, its ideals and concepts have bubbled up in the mainstream more and more. I was a die-hard devotee in my early twenties, eventually earning my Permaculture Teacher’s Certificate and offering courses on everything from designing food forests to building bio-swales on the farm in California.

The proof of permaculture’s influence in the mainstream is everywhere: its basic tenets are embedded in every idea about sustainability that blares from the television or the menu of a farm-to-table restaurant. Here are five of its more well-known principles to help you understand what permaculture is all about.

Closed Loop Systems

Any system that provides for its own energy needs is inherently sustainable. This concept can be extended beyond things like biofuels and solar power to what permaculturists call “inputs,” like food and fertilizer. For example, rather than importing fertilizer to a farm or garden, the system could be designed to provide for its own fertility needs – perhaps from livestock manure or cover crops. And if you’re raising livestock, you should certainly aspire to provide all the food for your animals from on-site, whether raising grain, forage crops, or recycling kitchen waste as animal feed. Any permaculturist worth their salt would remind you that a successful closed loop system “turns waste into resources” and “problems into solutions.” “You don’t have a snail problem, you have a duck deficiency,” Mollison was fond of saying, which makes perfect sense if you’ve ever seen how gleefully ducks wolf down snails.

Perennial Crops

Permies aren’t the only ones to recognize that tilling the ground once or twice a year isn’t particularly good for the soil. Which is why they advocate using perennial crops that are planted just once, rather than annual crops which require constant tillage. Agroforestry, the cultivation of edible tree crops and associated understory plants, is emphasized – think shade-grown coffee or cacao plantations in South America. The only problem is that few crops that most of us eat are perennials; but there is no doubt that if we could replace all the monocultures of corn, soy, and wheat in the world with agroforestry systems (while still feeding the world), agriculture which be much more sustainable.

Multiple Functions

One of the more original ideas of permaculture is that every component of a structure or a landscape should fulfill more than one function. The idea is to create an integrated, self-sufficient system through the strategic design and placement of its components. For example, if you need a fence to contain animals, you might design it so that it also functions as a windbreak, a trellis, and a reflective surface to direct extra heat and light to nearby plants. A rain barrel might be used to raise aquatic food plants and edible fish, in addition to providing water for irrigation. Permies call this “stacking functions.”


Water conservation is a major focus on permaculture farms and gardens, where the earth is often carefully sculpted to direct every last drop of rain toward some useful purpose. This may take the form of terraces on steep land; swales on moderately sloped land (which are broad, shallow ditches intended to capture runoff and cause it to soak into the ground around plantings); or a system of canals and planting berms on low swampy ground. The latter is modeled on the chinampasof the ancient Aztecs, an approach to growing food, fish, and other crops in an integrated system, often heralded by permaculturists as the most productive and sustainable form of agriculture ever devised.

Let Nature Do the Work for You

The permaculture creed is perhaps best captured in the Mollisonian mantras of “working with, rather than against, nature” and of engaging in “protracted and thoughtful observation, rather than protracted and thoughtless labor.” On a practical basis, these ideas are carried out with things like chicken tractors, where the natural scratching and bug-hunting behavior of hens is harnessed to clear an area of pests and weeds in preparation for planting – or simply planting mashua under your locust trees. Locust trees are known for adding nitrogen to the soil, while mashua, a vining, shade tolerant root crop from the Andes, needs a support structure to grow on. Thus, the natural attributes of the locust eliminate the need to bother with fertilizer or building a trellis, while providing shade, serving as a nectar source for bees and looking pretty. By letting nature do the work of farming and gardening for you, one achieves another of Mollison’s famous maxims: “maximizing hammock time.”

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Edgar Cayce about Lost Tribes

Edgar Cayce the sleeping profet in readings on the Mayan Culture stated that "those people who were of the lost tribes " travelled by boat to American continent in 3000 B.C. 3000 B.C does not coincide with the known hystory of Hebrew people as passed down through the Torah. According to Hebrew tradition the term lost tribes refer to the 10 lost tribes of Israel that were scattered during the Assyrian conquest of the northern kingdom of Israel in 772 B.C. Cayce did not named the lost tribes Hebrew. The Masoretic Hebrew text of the Old Testament gives 2239 B.C. (292 years before the birth of Abraham. As the date if Noah flood, while the Greek Nd Samaritan version give 3119 B.C. date. It is interesting to note the Maya date marking the creation of the current world era was 3114 B.C. Also in support of Cayce's claim is the books of Mormons which details.the three ancient migrations to Americas. Two of these migrations.werr groups from.ancient Hebrew lands from the time.of the traditional lost tribes. The other was an earlier pre Abraham Semitic group that was Hebru. Cayce refer to the Assyrian period in several readings indicating that some of the ten tribes who were carried away was aped into south western portions of the North America. He also describes England by individuals he referred to as "daughters of Hezekiah" who was King of Judah during the Assyrian conquest. To further complicate the issue in other life readings Cayce refers to "daugh9of Zedekiah" as Hebrew immigrants escaping to America England, Ireland India and elsewhere during the time of the Babylonian captivity. This period in Jewish histo6refers to the conquering of the last remaining Heb6kingdom and tribe (Judah) and is believed to have occurred around 586 B.C. In Cayce 's version of the Assyrian Babylonian story migration occurred over a period of several hundreds of years. He gave 3000 B.C. date for the list tribe migration. According to Gregory Little in his book "Mount Builders Edgar Cayce Forgotten Record of Ancient America" ,"It is possible that this "Lost tribe Group" was a semitic group descendant from Adam Seth and Noah who dispersed prior to God covenant with Abraham. Conventional dating of biblical events would.require a to have migrated near the time of Noah flood. The Greek and Samaritan version give the time of 3119.for.the Noah Flood. Maya date for the creation of the current world era give 3114 B.C. Also in support of c Cayce is the Book of Mormon which details the migrations to the America. The book of Mormons detamiles three ancient migrations to America. Two of these migrations were groups from the a cient Hebrew lands from the time of the traditional lost tribes. The other was an earlier pre Abraham Semitic group that was Hebrew like in their worship of the one God. This later group left shortly after the flood. Descendants of all three groups were said to have mixed with the natives already living in the land becoming part of the native American population. These groups were part of not only the Maya civilization but in Mormon beliefs were thought to be responsible for the unusual earth work found in North America.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Permaculture Design Course 01 The Journey Begins oTcjgFkgktQ

Desertification is a Political Problem

We need to know what is happening around us.
Politicians are giving  logging companies the right to  destroy the environment.
Politicians give the right to companies to destroy the environment with the oil sands.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Colonization and Deforestation with the help of United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

In the early 1980s, international development agencies were pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the "development" of the Peruvian Amazon. This consisted of confiscating indigenous territories and turning them over to market-oriented individuals, who would then develop the "jungle" by replacing it with cow pastures. Experts justified these colonization and deforestation projects by saving that Indians didn't know how to use their lands rationally.

How Much?
The Pichis-Paleazu Special Project had $86 million budget.

Much has happened since a development scheme was first announced for the half-million hectares of tropical forest which form the Pichis and Pichis and Palcazu River valleys of central Peru. Because this land on the eastern slopes of the Andes was understood to be less densely populated and potentially more productive than the Andean highlands, yet relatively close to Lima's markets, the Peruvian government saw the valleys as sources for food and lumber, to be worked by colonists, surplus population from the nation's highlands and coast. A Special Projects Office for the Pichis-Palcazu Project was established in the Ministry of Agriculture in 1978 and had concentrated on titling land in the area, but when the Belaunde government was inaugurated in July 1979, Peru announced a greatly accelerated program.

Who is behind it?
In September 1980 the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) "was asked", an tentatively agreed, to finance essential infrastructure in the valleys - roads, centers for collecting and redistributing goods, and equipment to clear and prepare land.

Various sources reported that 15,000 colonists would eventually be settled in the area. In anticipation, land speculators and other entrepreneurs quickly focused on the valleys. Development hopes, however, hung on the premise that the land was up for grabs and awaited intensive exploitation with nearly bursting fertility. The native people, Amuesha and Campa who had been occupying and working this land for centuries but were left unmentioned in the initial reports and agreements, thought otherwise. So did many other people who, in turn, alerted a network of individuals and organizations throughout the world.

Martinez and Miller's subsequent report revealed a social situation far more complex than that suggested by the initial newspaper articles. They first noted that most large-scale development and colonization projects not only fail to achieve their constructive goals, but leave ecological destruction and displaced native people in their wake. The Pichis-Palcazu Project would probably not be an exception. They stated that "there are numerous constraints to development in the region due to problems of existing ethnic conflicts, land tenure disputes, social stratification, existence of poor institutional infrastructure...monopolistic economic activities, and forestry extraction concessions." In the Pichis-Palcazu area, much of the land was occupied but was still untitled, opening the way for problems with land speculators while also inhibiting local development projects. Miller and Martinez recommended that, before any development program was initiated or any road-building undertaken, land titling was essential. Colonization, they argued, should be de-emphasized in favor of local development.

At present, an extremely exploitative and hierarchical social system exists in the valleys, with native people generally disadvantaged as a group.

What ?
The government plans to take away their recognition [as communities], take away their legal titles, refuse to grant land titles to communities without them, relocate untitled native communities on the lands of those with title, and allow timber extraction concessions on native lands."

Human Price of Relocation

It is probable in view of past experience with colonization of the Peruvian humid forest region that the environment present in this region will in itself constitute a major problem to success of the project. Elsewhere, as for instance in the Tingo-Maria-Pucallpa Highway, the Huallaga Central area, the Cosnipata, neither planned nor spontaneous colonization by immigrant groups for outside the region can be termed in any way to be successful.

A history of repeated failures and retreats accompanied by resource devastation characterizes these places, [where] one currently survives only because of the illicit market for coca leaves. If the Palcazu Project is not to be another sad repetition of these failures and, eventually a rural slum area, it is essential that project planning be based firmly on what is practicable and realistic in terms of the physical environment - climate, soils, topography, drainage, and biological resources of the basin itself.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Earth versus Mining and Volcanic Eruptions

56. A mining of ore or of other minerals on a planet or any other star, we only do in extreme cases of emergency, because this process equates to a destruction of a planet.
57. A planet or other star is never allowed to be exploited in this manner, as this occurs on the Earth.
58. What Earth Man is doing in this regard equates to a destruction of the planet.
59. The first evil effects of this destruction on the Earth are already noticeable for several decades, while the present time already prepares the labor pains for the destruction.
60. That is to be understood in this way, that Earth Man exploits his planet and robs it of the fundamental life energy, in that he robs from it the underground oil and gas and the most diverse ores.
61. This leads to the fact that the Earth suffers shifts within, which leads to enormous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because slowly the Earth collapses from within.
62. But the same process is also created by the erection of dams and similar structures. 

One aspect of a natural-gas production technique could be the cause of small earthquakes around Fort Worth, Texas, in recent years, a new study has found.
“Pressure from a large dam could have helped to trigger the earthquake which killed up to 90,000 people in south-west China last year, some scientists have claimed.
Chinese and overseas experts suggested that the weight of waters in the Zipingpu Dam in Sichuan may have affected the timing or scale of the 7.9 magnitude quake. The dam stands just 3.5 miles from the epicentre…”

12:58 AM CDT on Thursday, June 11, 2009
DALLAS – In the frenzied pace of everyday life, few North Texans think much about what happens beneath their feet. However, the recent earthquakes in the Cleburne area have changed that for many.
There were two more earthquakes Tuesday. The first measured 2.4 and the second, which happened an hour later, was 2.1.

By Robert Medley Staff Writer
Published: August 28, 2009

More rumblings underground, all in the same location, have been reported as earthquakes by the Oklahoma Geological Survey in Norman, bringing the total to 9 separate earthquakes in the last 24 hours in the state, the U.S. Geological Survey reports today.

(NOTE: Like Texas, Oklahoma has been a large oil and gas drilling state. MH)

Canadian Press
July 4, 2006
OTTAWA (CP) - So the warnings of harsher heat waves, stronger hurricanes and rising seas fail to impress. How about volcanic eruptions in the Arctic, or a tsunami off the coast of Newfoundland?
The latest scientific discipline to enter the fray over global warming is geology.

North Wales shaken by earthquake