Saturday, May 4, 2019

Edgar Cayce about Lost Tribes

Edgar Cayce the sleeping profet in readings on the Mayan Culture stated that "those people who were of the lost tribes " travelled by boat to American continent in 3000 B.C. 3000 B.C does not coincide with the known hystory of Hebrew people as passed down through the Torah. According to Hebrew tradition the term lost tribes refer to the 10 lost tribes of Israel that were scattered during the Assyrian conquest of the northern kingdom of Israel in 772 B.C. Cayce did not named the lost tribes Hebrew. The Masoretic Hebrew text of the Old Testament gives 2239 B.C. (292 years before the birth of Abraham. As the date if Noah flood, while the Greek Nd Samaritan version give 3119 B.C. date. It is interesting to note the Maya date marking the creation of the current world era was 3114 B.C. Also in support of Cayce's claim is the books of Mormons which details.the three ancient migrations to Americas. Two of these migrations.werr groups from.ancient Hebrew lands from the time.of the traditional lost tribes. The other was an earlier pre Abraham Semitic group that was Hebru. Cayce refer to the Assyrian period in several readings indicating that some of the ten tribes who were carried away was aped into south western portions of the North America. He also describes England by individuals he referred to as "daughters of Hezekiah" who was King of Judah during the Assyrian conquest. To further complicate the issue in other life readings Cayce refers to "daugh9of Zedekiah" as Hebrew immigrants escaping to America England, Ireland India and elsewhere during the time of the Babylonian captivity. This period in Jewish histo6refers to the conquering of the last remaining Heb6kingdom and tribe (Judah) and is believed to have occurred around 586 B.C. In Cayce 's version of the Assyrian Babylonian story migration occurred over a period of several hundreds of years. He gave 3000 B.C. date for the list tribe migration. According to Gregory Little in his book "Mount Builders Edgar Cayce Forgotten Record of Ancient America" ,"It is possible that this "Lost tribe Group" was a semitic group descendant from Adam Seth and Noah who dispersed prior to God covenant with Abraham. Conventional dating of biblical events would.require a to have migrated near the time of Noah flood. The Greek and Samaritan version give the time of 3119.for.the Noah Flood. Maya date for the creation of the current world era give 3114 B.C. Also in support of c Cayce is the Book of Mormon which details the migrations to the America. The book of Mormons detamiles three ancient migrations to America. Two of these migrations were groups from the a cient Hebrew lands from the time of the traditional lost tribes. The other was an earlier pre Abraham Semitic group that was Hebrew like in their worship of the one God. This later group left shortly after the flood. Descendants of all three groups were said to have mixed with the natives already living in the land becoming part of the native American population. These groups were part of not only the Maya civilization but in Mormon beliefs were thought to be responsible for the unusual earth work found in North America.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Permaculture Design Course 01 The Journey Begins oTcjgFkgktQ

Desertification is a Political Problem

We need to know what is happening around us.
Politicians are giving  logging companies the right to  destroy the environment.
Politicians give the right to companies to destroy the environment with the oil sands.