Wednesday, October 17, 2018

British Government and Botswana Environmental Disaster

The direction from the British Government to convert cattle, land and water from permanent community assets into disposable man made, and that it has reached a point where in many places it cannot be reversed, and role in their decisions about production and consumption" 
And all was for selling more beef to UK that do not need beef and use it for cats and dogs.

Enslaving foreign nations in debt make them pay  with food for money they did not need to borrow in the first place.

Fencing the land of Botswana to prevent migration of so the wild life cannot migrate .
the first year they closed the fence 60-70000 wild life zebras and gazels died. They are not jumpers. They died . for few days the lions eat them and them hungry lions eat peoples.

Lions eat bushman peoples. This guy that is sitting in England and took a decision to place fences so the migration of wild animals be stopped and the cattle production increased killed thousands of people in Center Kalahari.
The fences are still there now.
England takes a quarter million castles every year from Botswana while kids are dying of hunger in that country. That is what the imperialism is doing to the world and people.

Some students in England make studies and based on these studies decisions are make on the other corner of the globe.

And those that do learn from the mistakes repeat them.
Under the same imperialistic politics the Canadian Government is killing wild horses as if they do not have the same  right to life as people do. And this is done in the name of protecting the cattle grass so more cattle to be slaughter and sold.

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